Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Return - Day 4 Morning

Good morning Race Fans!

The crew aboard Mahina Kai was greeted by an amazing orange sunrise this morning. The clear skys and the calm seas made for a spectacular rising of the morning sun. I will never get tired of watching the sun rise and set while at sea. It is a different show every day.

Currently we are less than 80 nm from the entrance to Narragansett bay. This morning we resumed our morning ritual of fresh baked goods. Quite honestly until now it has simply been too hot down below and a little too rough to properly enjoy our breakfast treats.

Through out the night we were shadowed by s/v Momentum and s/v Fearles on AIS. AIS is an electronic position system that allows vessels to broadcast their location to other ships nearby. It's kind of ironic that s/v Fearless shared the dock with us in Bermuda and now has shared the Atlantic and the Gulf Stream with us for the past couple days.

While enjoying our fresh baked turnovers, several small pods of dolphins have stopped by to say hello. Each time they show up, I was afraid they may be saying... " So long and Thanks for all the fish" :-)

The crew is taking advantage of the calm and sunshine to dry out our foul weather gear from yesterday morning's cold front. Numerous times yesterday as I was splashed with waves and rain I kept thinking... " well I guess I can't get any wetter", with each new splash I was proven wrong.

There is some unsettled weather hugging the New England Coast so we may be enjoying ome fine new England wet weather at the end of our Journey. We look forward to getting ashore and reuniting with our friends. However, I know we will all treasure the race and the time we have had on our return journey.

Fair Winds,
s/v Mahina Kai Crew.

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