Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 2 –June 20

Day 2 –June 20

First night at sea, and the crew slept fairly well with calm seas and steady winds.
A yellow jacket stowaway, or some other unwelcome visitor, stung the captain's hand on night watch.  Normally retribution would be swift and severe in order to set an example for the crew, but in a karmic moment, it was spared and later buzzed away. 

The meal plan included breakfast of ham & cheese croissants, sandwiches and chicken noodle soup for lunch, and chicken parmesan casserole.  Cookie of the day revealed to be Sunbursts.
Most of the pack is dispersed now, with each vessel executing on their tactical plan.  We still are within sight of a few vessels and have about a dozen around us within a few miles.  Another whale sighting today, which always cheers the crew.

We left the continental shelf around 10:00, with the last recorded depth of nearly 600 feet.  100 miles of blue behind us now, and 500 ahead.  We overheard on the radio today the Coast Guard working coastal cases of a vessel taking on water, and another capsized.  We are reassured by our careful preparations.

Water temperature is rising from the 60' in Buzzards Bay, and we will be entering the gulf stream this evening.  There will be micro weather patterns, and as previously mentioned the prevailing winds and currents will be opposing, which will create roughening seas.  Looking forward to seeing Nemo and his friends.

Finished the day with about 200nm behind us.

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