Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 4 - June 22

Day 4 – June 22

Our third night at sea, and second day in the gulfstream.  We passed through a thunderstorm overnight, and discovered afterwards that our main VHF radio had failed, apparently from a power surge.  Handheld VHF radio was pressed into service for the remainder of the race.  We also lost a Man-overboard Buoy & strobe that was lifted off it's bracket by a passing wave.  All hands accounted for, and missing buoy reported to Race Committee.

Seas continued to be heavy with winds in the 20's.  With a good wind, Mahina Kai can sail about 10 knots, so yesterday and today we covered 150+ miles each day.  This put us ahead of the worst weather according to sailors behind us that we talked to after the race, who saw 50-60 knot winds in a gale that was the remnants of TS Bill.

Meal plan was modest in the AM with yogurt and granola for breakfast, sandwiches and snacks.  After we emerged from the gulfstream, and the seas settled, dinner of Chicken Cordon Bleu with Potatoes & Green beans was served.  Cookie of the day were "First Place".  This was optimistic, but we did end up finishing "first in our class with taxpayer-sponsored boats (Naval Academy) removed", if that is a thing :)

We closed the day at 547 trip miles after a lively day at sea.

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