Saturday, June 17, 2017

Countdown 1 days til start Marion-Bermuda 2017 - Crew Dinner

Countdown 1 day until start Marion-Bermuda 2017 – Crew Dinner

The crew assembled in Marion, and supplies are being shipped in from around New England (specifically the Cookie of the Day, which had to be couriered from Marblehead), in preparation for the race tomorrow.

Part of the crew stowed gear and supplies into all the nooks and crannies of the boat, while others attended the weather briefing and skipper’s meeting to receive final details of the race and latest updates on Atlantic weather.  There have been some positive and negative indications in the prior weeks… a gale is exiting the area on Friday which should provide some good winds in Buzzard’s Bay for the start… there are some counter-productive currents in our path on the other side of the Gulf Stream which one forecaster described as a “nemesis” for this race… and finally a dual-high pressure area around Bermuda will produce calm in the later half of the race.  These conditions may favor lighter boats that can perform better in lower winds.

Tonight, Beverly Yacht Club hosted the crew dinner with BBQ and all the fixin’s.  Goslings is on hand with rum drinks to prepare us for the tastes of the island.  It was a great time to meet new and old friends, and the other boat crews.  It is especially nice to spend time with our shore crew and families who have provided so much time and energy to help us prepare for this adventure – we love you!

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