Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mahina Kai – Day 5 Marion to Bermuda – Calm Seas

Wind SW 3kts Seas 1-2ft
Mahina Kai – Day 5 Marion to Bermuda – Calm Seas

Weather weather everywhere, but not a gust to sail by.
Another day of struggling to find a puff of air.  We had a few periods of modest wind, but largely calm with little progress. 

The monotony of the day was punctuated by a visit from a pod of dolphins, which always excites the crew.  A few seabirds enjoyed fishing in the wake of our boat, and we passed an occasional Portuguese Man o’ War.  These fellows are even more at the wims of mother nature, relying solely on wind propulsion captured by their above-water sail.

Normally on sail races, it is bouncy, the boat is heeled over, and eating is on paper plates.  With the weather being so calm, the Captain has called for the china to be brought out of the closet for a dinner al fresco in the cockpit with lasagna, salad, and fresh fruit cup.  Cookie of the day: Stars!


We continue to hope for some gathering weather, but if this does not come, we will have some serious discussions about our provisions, and how long we can continue enjoying this Bermuda High.

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