Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thoughts on the Race, Bermuda and the Journey Home

The 2017 MBR had 50 entries and 9 boats retired or did not start the race, Mahina Kai was 9th in her class and 33rd overall in the division. Not our best finish, but a finish none the less. We certainly struggled with the lack of wind and adverse current in the middle of the race. Hopefully, we have learned a few new tricks on light air sailing that we can leverage on future adventures.

Even though, our overall finish was less than we had hoped, we cannot be more proud of the crew of Mahina Kai. Everyone performed exceptionally well and we completed the race without incident. This is our 3rd Marion Bermuda race. At the beginning of each race the crew is left with a simple rule to follow… Clip in, take your time, our goal is to not use single band aid.

During one of Mark Twain’s visit to Bermuda he was rumored to have said: “You can go to Heaven if you want, but I would rather stay in Bermuda,”  Mahina Kai and her crew stayed on several days after the Marion Bermuda race enjoying the Americas Cup match races and the J-Boats regatta. During our extended visit we can certainly understand how Mr. Twain came to that conclusion.

It has been an amazing visit to the island with over 2 dozen family and friends joining us in Bermuda to help us celebrate the event and many more who followed us online.  We continue to be amazed by the generosity and friendliness of the people of Bermuda.

The crew now appears to be rested and ready for the return journey back to New England. The next few days will include weather updates, trips to the grocery store and preparing Mahina Kai for her return voyage to Rhode Island. We are sad to depart but, eager to return home.

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