Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 2 Return - Greetings from the Sargasso Sea

We are just settling in for the evening of Day two of our sail from
Bermuda back to Newport, Rhode Island. We have ~450 nautical miles remaining in our trip.

Yesterday afternoon was very hot leaving Bermuda. Scattered
thunderstorms threatened our journey and we watched a few waterspouts (kinda like baby tornado's on the sea). We have often seen these crossing the gulf stream but never so close to Bermuda.

Paula's chicken parm. was a hit for dinner.

The evening was uneventful with light and variable winds. Similar to the situation we found ourselves in during the race. The difference on this trip is that we are not racing, so we can leverage the engine to motor through the light wind.

As the clouds gradually moved off to the SE, the 4-6 AM watch was treated to Venus rising in the east and reflecting off the ocean. Is that a Venua Kai? We then set sails and shut off the engine.

The crew was awoken for the 6 AM watch with a fresh breeze. Fresh enough to roll several crew members out of their bunks. We have had a great sail most of the day, enjoying 10-15 of wind allowing us to make great way under sail. We also witnessed an amazing sunrise behind the remnants of the evening's thunder storm clouds.

As I write this the wind has lightened and shifted a little more to the
east and we are taking advantage of that foul current we met during the race, about 2.5 kt to the NW. While perhaps not the best conditions for making minimum time to Newport, it should allow some restful sleep for the off watch crew.

Our thanks to Ken for posting these to our blog site.

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